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Heading 6
Selwyn Parenting Network is incredibly proud to have a diverse and passionate governing committee driving the direction of our charitable organisation. Many of our voluntary committee members take on increased responsibilities and new opportunities within their day to day to lives, all whilst providing SPN with the same level of commitment and support which is so hugely appreciated. We truly recognise the importance of having a wide reaching committee that truly understands the needs of all parents, caregivers and families, including those who are more isolated and/or rural, and as we forge forward we certainly endeavour to make this a growth area for our organisation. We continue to want our staff and volunteers to feel valued which in turn will assist them to remain effective in their roles - providing support, information and resources to all those who need it. If you are interested in joining our SPN Committee in a voluntary capacity, and helping to make a difference within your community, please contact us today!
Selwyn Parenting Network continues to forge meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations with partnering organisations within our community, such as the newly chartered Rolleston Rotary Club, Malvern Hub, Lincoln Community Care, Lincoln University Future Leaders along with many service providers, local organisations and also individuals within our region. We are delighted to encourage volunteers to get involved with our community initiative and are also incredibly grateful to all those who have contributed to our past events and campaigns, including many of our own extended family members, partners, parents, children and friends.

Many of our young volunteers have gained great experience through volunteering at our flagship events, adding valuable work experience to include on their CV along with a reference to their contribution. We have been fortunate enough to attract both intemediate and high school students looking for work experience, along with future leaders and those studying higher education who have been looking to add voluntary community support to their credentials. If you would like the opportunity to volunteer at our events or get involved in our charitable community work, please contact us today!
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