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Parenting Week 2023

Following the success of our Pilot Project in 2022, we are proud to be making Selwyn Parenting Week an annual flagship event for Selwyn. Happening week commencing 16th October, the week-long programme of events will cover various parenting topics, including mental health, children on the spectrum, toddlers and babies, parent well-being, substance challenges, emotional intelligence, seeking support, rainbow youth, and more. With events planned for all four wards of Selwyn, the aim is to support parents throughout the community. Selwyn Parenting Week 2023 will offer a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online formats to accommodate different preferences and circumstances. Participants can engage through attending physical events, joining hybrid sessions that combine virtual and in-person participation, or accessing webinars and online resources. This multi-format approach ensures accessibility and convenience for all attendees. This flagship week of events promises to be inclusive, informative, and empowering - catering to the diverse needs of parents and caregivers in Selwyn. Whether attending in person, participating in a hybrid session, or accessing online resources, attendees can expect valuable insights and support tailored to their specific parenting journey. For all events please go to



We are actively adding events each day - Please keep checking back here!

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