50 Traditional European Dishes you have to try!
If you’ve fantasized about eating your way through Europe, you’re not alone. From rich stews and dumplings in the Balkans, to seafood in the Mediterranean, to (of course) savory cheeses throughout, the continent is a foodie’s dream.
Nutritional Workshop for Parents
A chance to enjoy a nutritional workshop information session from the comfort of your own home...Check all the details here
Week 3 Competition
Be in to win one of 3Edmonds My First Cookbooks with Week 3 of Selwyn Kids Cook Mondays thanks to Pure & Simple Nutrition.
Favourite Dishes From All Over Europe
Our favourite dishes from all over Europe. From Spain to Sweden, Germany to Greece – take a tasty trip all over Europe.
Get Kids Cooking With Jamie Oliver
Ultimate family cooking - Recipes to get the family cooking together! In need of some meal ideas to get kids and teenagers in the kitchen? We’ve pulled together our favourite recipes that everyone can get involved with.
International Gourmet Recipes for Kids
With our international gourmet recipes in our world studies program, kids will learn about cooking around the world. However, you don't have to pack your bags for these cooking adventures. In each world study, kids will learn about recipes native to each country as well as other facts about different cultures. Then they can try some kid friendly recipes on their own which are native from each country.
Fun & Interesting World Food Facts
Our Fun Food Facts for Kids will show you lots of interesting and fun facts on famous food from around the world. Here we tell you about amazing food records and share some fun and easy-to-make recipes from around the world.
101 Kid Friendly Recipes from Around the World
Food is one of the things that is unique and different in cultures around the world. Trying new things, textures and flavors is part of risk-taking and opens kids' minds up to the world. It also connects them to kids around the globe. Check out 101 Kid-Friendly Recipes from Around the World!
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